About Me

About me

This blog is all about me, a Taurus who likes to record and share DELICIOUS FOOD, TRAVEL ADVENTURES and LIFE STORIES with texts and photos; the founder of the food blog「i am minamoto」/ a self-taught chef / a recipe content creator / a food photographer; a enthusiast of #RAMEN and #UDON; and who likes to discover and feel the beauty from ordinary life!

I am always looking forward to meeting any interesting people and their stories;

So I also try hard to use my very own poor words and photos to record any interesting things happened around me;

Let those footprints that have been experienced and explored in life not only exist in my mind and memory;

I hope this blog can be found by you and I will get to meet you!

The Do’s and Dont’s About Me


I have not received any training from professional culinary school, but I am totally committed to delicious food with all about passion and love. I am not afraid of the failure and eating dark food, and I learned lots of little tips and tricks on the Internet. Not to mention my food photography skill is basically a rookie level, very unprofessional.


All recipes, articles and food / restaurant critics in this food blog are about me recording my subjective opinion of the actual experience of the one person team, not an objective analysis. Warning: taste are subject to personal preference, it can be good or bad to different people. You should try to read the article and recipe instructions carefully before trying them.

Not authentic

There is no limit to the type of cuisines, I like to try all kinds of exotic food. Although I try to keep my diet as healthy as possible, I will also enjoy all kinds of junk food as well as instant noodles from the supermarkets. I can’t say that my recipes are all authentic, but believe me, they are absolutely delicious.

Goofing around

While this is mainly a food blog, I’m also a casual blogger, and you’ll find articles not only about food, but also photography, travel, electronics and other topics. There may be blogs appeared with restaurant reviews, electronics unpacking, and accommodation experiences, etc.

Not the best

There is no the best recipe for one giving dish, it is important to find the one recipe that works for you the best, that suit your own taste and you like it the most. Although there is no step-by-step instructions from the recipes, but every recipe here is from my favorite food, I sincerely recommend you to try them.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about me, please contact me or leave a message on my social media.

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