Work with Me

Hi, my name is Nicholas Minamoto.

First of all, thank you for considering the possibility of cooperation and work with me. If you have any ideas about cooperation, such as sponsored articles, recipe research and development, food photography, advertising space, etc., please send me an email directly to info[at]

Any other ways to work with me

Sponsored Articles:

i am minamoto」welcome anyone who is interested in sponsoring food, photography, travel and electronics articles. Whether it’s restaurant reviews, electronics unpacking, or accommodation experiences etc.

Recipe Development:

At the moment, the recipes in this food blog are mainly focused on using ingredients around us to recreate various Asian cuisines and baked desserts. If you want me to develop recipes or demonstrate the use of various ingredients, you can refer to the following articles.

Translation of Recipes in between Chinese and English:

Since the beginning of 「i am minamoto」, every recipe is published in both Chinese and English. If you need to translate your recipe or recipe book from Chinese to English, or vise versa, I can also help you with it.

Unboxing and Experience:

All kinds of fun gadgets related to and unrelated to cooking are also my favorite subjects to play with, such as cameras, lenses, camera accessories, cooking tools, etc.

Theme Scene Food Photography:

Create food photography with story theme scene to better promote your products.

Food Photography:

If you like my shooting style, please feel free to send me the information about cooperation.

Advertising Space:

If you want to place an advertisement in my blog, please send me Email, info[at] to request for more information.

Above are the main possible ways of work with me cooperation, but not only limited to this. Further will be brand ambassadors, blogging consultant and so on. I hope to promote and introduce your products and brands to my readers and friends by providing good textual text and photographic contents.

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